Rapid Prototypes

A prototype can often be the most valuable piece of machining you receive, it enables you to determine the direction of all future machining, and can help you cut costs in the long run. With our precision and expertise, PDM has spent years providing our customers with the intricate machining they need for prototypes in a wide variety of specifications, for an equally diverse number of industries.

Whether you need a single part, or several variations — when it comes to prototype development, it's our goal to provide you with the parts and components necessary to make your concept a reality. With our advanced CAD/CAM systems and state of the art CNC milling and turning machines, we make parts to exact specifications and ensure you get precisely what you need — helping you cut costs, and decrease your time to market.

We frequently provide prototype machining for companies with existing products as well as companies developing an entirely new product. No matter your situation, if you're in need of component parts or a full working prototype — PDM Machining is your solution. We specialize in prototype development, and short — detail oriented — production runs, working to fine tune every stage of your product before mass production.

PDM, LLC has established and maintained an excellent reputation for providing prototype and production machining to a variety of aerospace, electronics and medical industries, as well as numerous industrial and government clients.

PDM's Protoypes

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