SmartRouter Singulation, PCB Depaneling

SmartRouter Singulation:

Imagine a Depaneling System that has cleaner air inside the enclosed chamber than outside. Imagine a PCB routing system that elimnates the need for a secondary cleaning operation because of residual dust. The SmartRouter platform makes this possible because of a vacuum system that can be selectively configured for the top and/or bottom of the panel. Now imagine a system that elimnates the need for a technician to program.

The SmartRouter Systems are stand-alone machines for cost effective, flexible, accurate depanelization of electronic assemblies. The operator has the ability to automatically download PCB route path information by way of the SmartTAG. The SmartRouter offers dedicated routing fixtures with the SmartTAG functionality, which is available on all SmartRouter Systems. This technology minimizes costs and operator errors associated with machine programming and fixture set-up for depanling.

SmartTag Fixturing:

PCB fixturing is one of the most critical aspects to PCB singulation. The route path information for the SmartTAG fixturing resides in the fixture. After the fixture is placed on the system, the route program is downloaded directly into the controller. Both the fixture and its associated program are tested prior to shipment, eliminiating the need for on-site programming.

A typical SmartRouter fixture.

SmartRouter fixture with carrier tray and customer's panel.

A SmartRouter fixture with PDM's unique custom carrier tray.

Programming and Tooling

The SmartRouter Singulation software is very user-friendly and flexible. The programs are stored on the hard drive of the PC/GUI. Programming can be accomplished using several methods: Video Aided Interface, Manual Positioning, or CAD download.

Other Programming Options

Video Aided: The servos can be jogged into position using the camera image and the GUI. Programs are created by storing the start and end point of each tab and saving to a file.

Manual Mode: The power to the servos can be turned off and the robot can manually be moved into position to teach the program coordinates.

Brochure / Specifications Sheet:

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