Wand Singulation 2016-AT Press

Wand Singulation 2016-AT Press:

The Wand Singulation 2016-AT Press is a patended punch and die system designed exclusively to safely and accurately depanel populated printed circuit board assemblies with minial stress. The press is extremely reliable and accurate and is ideal for medium to high volume, low-mix environments.

Operational Sequence:

An operator places the populated panel array onto the dedicated die. Once the panel is staged, the operator activates the shuttle by the anti-repeate, anti-tie-down palm buttons. The shuttle transports the tool into the enclosed cutting area for singulation. The bottom tool returns to the operator load/unload area - completeing the cycle in less than 12 seconds.

For in-line processing, a robot can be incorporated to the press and configured with custom designed end-effectors to pick up the assemblies from the upstream conveyor and drop off the singulated assemblies to a preprogrammed down-stream location.

Singulation Die:

The 2016-AT Press uses a two-stage power package, which allows the tool to shear through the tab to completely remove it. The tool uses a perforator / punch and die to remove the tabs from the array. The power package uses pneumatic pressure to approach the PCB. Once resistance is detected, the power package switches over to hydraulic pressure and the perforator gently shears 
through the PCB tab material.

Tooling weighs less than 90lbs., and with the buil-in quick-change design, product changeover can be completed in less than three minutes.

We offer the broadcast range of singulation solutions, from tabletop and stand-alone routers to stand-alone and in-line punching systems. We have combined industry experience and proven technology to supply cost effective PCB singulation equipment and custom designed tooling in the electronics industry.

Brochure / Specifications Sheet:

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